2012 Largest Tunisia companies

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Top ten companies in turnover (2012)*

1- Société Tunisienne des industries de raffinage –STIR  (1713 million € )

“>Engages in refining crude oil. Its products include crude, LPG, petrol, unleaded petrol, essence unifinée, virgin naphta, pétrole, white spirit, fuel, fuel oil, atmospheric waste, and slop. The company was founded in 1961 and is based in Bizerte, Tunisia.

2- Société Tunisienne de l’électricité et du gaz-STEG  (1164 million € )

Société Tunisienne de l’Electricité et du Gaz generates, transmits, and distributes electricity and natural gas. The company was founded in 1962 and is based in Tunis, Tunisia.

3- Entreprise Tunisienne d’Activités Pétrolière -ETAP (1101 million € )

Tunisian National Oil Company » (ETAP), the national oil company, was created by Law n° 72-22 of10th March 1972 in order to increase control and actively and directly participate in all hydrocarbons related operations. TThere are at present 60 companies actively operating in exploration field. Additionally, there are 32 free blocks with good opportunities for hydrocarbon investors.

4-Groupe Chimique Tunisien ( 721million €)

50 years in the industry phosphate ore industry, GCT now processes and exploits it in a more profitable   oriented way.  GCT is focussed on phosphoric acid and fertilizer production

5-Tunisie Télécom (711million €)

Tunisia has one of the most developed telecommunications and broadband infrastructures in Northern Africa, sporting some of the continent’s highest market penetration rates and lowest prices.The EIT’s plans to sell its 35% interest in Tunisie Telecom, the country’s fixed-line incumbent which offers a full range of services.

6- Société Nationale de Distribution des Pétroles- AGIL (650million € )

Engages in the marketing of oil products, operating service stations, and airport and harbor depots that offer fuels, domestic and industrial gases, LPG fuels, and lubricants and greases. The company also provides white spirit for use in cleaning; and paints, varnishes, and waxes solvent applications. It offers its products to drivers in fishing, tourism, and sailing sectors; aviation industry, industrial units, hotels, hospitals, schools, and the navy.

7-Orascom Télécom Tunisie ( 467million €)

Orascom Telecom Tunisie, owned by Qatar based group Oooredoo provides wireless telecommunication services in Tunisia and operates under the name of Ooredoo. It offers mobile communication services in Tunisia, across the Gulf, Africa and Asia.

8- Régie Nationale des Tabacs et des Allumettes-RNTA (452 million €)

A publicly owned company with the monopoly for the manufacture and commercialisation of tobacco and matches, but also for game cards and gunpowder. The company has manufacturing plants, in Tunis and Kairouan.

9-Pharmacie Centrale de Tunisie (442 million €)

A public company, the PCT is the sole importer of medecine in Tunisia and is therefore the single point of entry for negotiating human, veterinary and dental medecine import prices and conditions in the country. The PCT also distributes medecine to public hospitals and all public health centres in the country.

10-Total Tunisie (382 million € )

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