2013 Largest lebanon companies

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Forbes ranked the

  1. Debbané Group in 37th place,
  2. the Mouawad Group in 42nd place,
  3. the Kettaneh Group in 46th place,
  4. Malia Holding in 48th place,
  5. Baalbaki Group in 50th place,
  6. M1 Group in 54th place,
  7. Pharaon Holding Group in 56th place,
  8. Abou Adal Group in 58th place,
  9. Sehnaoui Plant Group of Companies in 72nd place,
  10. Johnny R. Saadé Holdings in 73rd place,
  11. Issa Holding in 75th place,
  12. Sarkis Group International in 78th place,
  13. Averda Group in 80th place,
  14. Kurban Group in 81st place,
  15. Zakhem International Construction in 85th place,
  16. Assouad Group Lebanon in 90th place,
  17. Group Murr Holding in 92nd place.

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