Top 20 Largest Private Companies in Ethiopia

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The following is a list of top 20 largest private companies in Ethiopia based on their annual revenue. The list is prepared based on research and cross-reference of multiple sources, including Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce, industry insiders, media reports and others.

Because of lack of corporate transparency in Ethiopia, some corporates might have been left out.

1. MIDROC Ethiopia (a group of over 30 companies)
14 billion
2. Sunshine Investment Group
1.6 billion birr
3.Messobo Cement
1.3 billion birr
4. Dashen Bank
900 million birr
5. Awash Bank
860 million birr
6. East Africa Holding
600 million birr
7. DH Geda Trade & Industry
540 million birr
8. East Africa Bottling (Coca Cola)
510 million birr
9. Addis-Mojo Edible Oil Complex SC
470 million birr
10.Dashen Beer
435 million birr

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