List of tallest buildings in Singapore

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Rank Name Image Height (m) Height (ft) Floors Year
1= One Raffles Place Ground-level view of 60-storey building whose cross section is a square with a diagonal projection from one corner. In the top 10 storeys part of the square is missing and only a diagonal remains. 280 920 63 1986
1= Republic Plaza Ground-level view of 70-storey building. The exterior has a reddish hue with dark windows. The building tapers slightly at two points. 280 920 66 1995
1= United Overseas Bank Plaza One Ground-level view of several skyscrapers; the building on the right is the tallest and has a square cross section with several diagonal protrusions. A shorter building on the left resembles it closely. 280 920 67 1992
4 Capital Tower Ground-level view of a 50-storey building with a rectangular cross section; near the 40th floor the building tapers inward 254 833 52 2000
5= One Raffles Quay North Tower Ground-level view of two square buildings with identical all-glass facades 245 804 50 2006
5= The Sail @ Marina Bay Tower 1 Ground-level view of two curved buildings that slightly resemble sails; the sun is setting in the distance. 245 804 70 2008
5= Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 Marina Bay Financial Centre 245 804 45 2012
5= Ocean Financial Centre Artist's image of a complete skyscraper; the building is portrayed with a slightly curved glass facade with an angled roofline. 245 804 43 2011
9 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2 Marina Bay Financial Centre under construction 239 784 49 2010
10 8 Shenton Way Ground-level view of a 50-storey cylindrical tower with black windows and a small cut-out near the roofline 235 771 52 1986

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