The 7 Largest and Most Innovative and Soundstages and Studios in the World


While many soundstages are announced, including Hangar42 Studios in Michigan—which would have been the largest in the world at 300,000 square feet—it takes capital to make that happen. In Hangar42’s case, the tax credit didn’t come through. However, many studios have big development plans, and others currently available for rent are a sight to see.

Below, SSN ranks the most innovative and ground-breaking soundstages in the world, from smallest to largest.

  1. Medient Studioplex in Effingham, Georgia
    1. Largest Soundstage: Undetermined; entire lot comprises 1,500 acres
    2. Highlights: Two million square feet of sound studios, offices, outdoor entertainment venues, on-site lodging, and of course … the largest soundstage in the world.
  2. The Oriental Movie Metropolis in Qingdao, China
    1. Largest Soundstage: 107,639 square feet
    2. Highlights: Twenty sound stages; the world’s first underwater studio; an immense convention and exhibition complex; an expansive shopping mall with an indoor amusement park; seven resort hotels; and a yacht club with 300 berths.
  3. Studio Babelsberg in Babelsberg, Germany
    1. Largest Soundstage: 79,000 square feet
    2. Highlights: Twenty stages, four acres of back lot, and an experienced, international crew, within 300,000 square feet of stage space. Additionally Germany’s film production program offers a 20 percent cash rebate.
  4. Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios
    1. Largest Soundstage: 60,500 square feet (exterior water tank)
    2. Highlights: Contains the 60,546 square foot, 16 foot deep Horizon Water Tank.
  5. Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England
    1. Largest Soundstage: 59,092 square feet
    2. Highlights: Currently they have world’s largest indoor stage—the 007 stage—built in 1976 for The Spy Who Loved Me. Conveniently, the British Film Commission has on-site offices, and adjacent is the 500-acre Black Park.
  6. Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India
    1. Largest Soundstage: 28,350 square feet
    2. Highlights: The studio covers 1,666 acres and houses 47 soundstages. Universal Studios Hollywood could fit into this space four-fold.
  7. G-Star Studios in Palm Beach, FL
    1. Largest Soundstage: 9,600 square feet
    2. Highlights: A quiet, quick shut-off A/C; ability to create forest fires; low rental cost; high school on site.