10/2018 Top 100 Countries/Markets by Game Revenues


cn.svg 1 China Asia 1,415M 850M
us.svg 2 United States of America North America 327M 265M
jp.svg 3 Japan Asia 127M 121M
kr.svg 4 Republic of Korea Asia 51M 48M
de.svg 5 Germany Western Europe 82M 76M
gb.svg 6 United Kingdom Western Europe 67M 64M
fr.svg 7 France Western Europe 65M 58M
ca.svg 8 Canada North America 37M 34M
es.svg 9 Spain Western Europe 46M 39M
it.svg 10 Italy Western Europe 59M 40M
ru.svg 11 Russian Federation Eastern Europe 144M 113M
mx.svg 12 Mexico Latin America 131M 86M
br.svg 13 Brazil Latin America 211M 142M
au.svg 14 Australia Oceania 25M 23M
tw.svg 15 Taiwan Rest APAC 24M 20M
in.svg 16 India Rest APAC 1,354M 481M
id.svg 17 Indonesia Rest APAC 267M 82M
tr.svg 18 Turkey Middle East & Africa 82M 53M
sa.svg 19 Saudi Arabia Middle East & Africa 34M 26M
th.svg 20 Thailand Rest APAC 69M 38M
nl.svg 21 Netherlands Western Europe 17M 16M
my.svg 22 Malaysia Rest APAC 32M 27M
ir.svg 23 Iran (Islamic Republic of) Middle East & Africa 82M 49M
ch.svg 24 Switzerland Western Europe 9M 8M
pl.svg 25 Poland Eastern Europe 38M 30M
vn.svg 26 Vietnam Rest APAC 96M 52M
se.svg 27 Sweden Western Europe 10M 9M
ph.svg 28 Philippines Rest APAC 107M 66M
ar.svg 29 Argentina Latin America 45M 34M
hk.svg 30 China, Hong Kong SAR Rest APAC 7M 7M
be.svg 31 Belgium Western Europe 11M 10M
at.svg 32 Austria Western Europe 9M 8M
co.svg 33 Colombia Latin America 49M 32M
sg.svg 34 Singapore Rest APAC 6M 5M
no.svg 35 Norway Western Europe 5M 5M
pt.svg 36 Portugal Western Europe 10M 8M
eg.svg 37 Egypt Middle East & Africa 99M 48M
dk.svg 38 Denmark Western Europe 6M 6M
ie.svg 39 Ireland Western Europe 5M 4M
fi.svg 40 Finland Western Europe 6M 5M
ae.svg 41 United Arab Emirates Middle East & Africa 10M 9M
cl.svg 42 Chile Latin America 18M 13M
ro.svg 43 Romania Eastern Europe 20M 13M
kz.svg 44 Kazakhstan Eastern Europe 18M 15M
ng.svg 45 Nigeria Middle East & Africa 196M 61M
pk.svg 46 Pakistan Rest APAC 201M 39M
pe.svg 47 Peru Latin America 33M 17M
qa.svg 48 Qatar Middle East & Africa 3M 3M
ua.svg 49 Ukraine Eastern Europe 44M 26M
cz.svg 50 Czech Republic Eastern Europe 11M 9M
gr.svg 51 Greece Eastern Europe 11M 8M
il.svg 52 Israel Middle East & Africa 8M 7M
bd.svg 53 Bangladesh Rest APAC 166M 38M
dz.svg 54 Algeria Middle East & Africa 42M 21M
hu.svg 55 Hungary Eastern Europe 10M 8M
za.svg 56 South Africa Middle East & Africa 57M 35M
kw.svg 57 Kuwait Middle East & Africa 4M 3M
iq.svg 58 Iraq Middle East & Africa 39M 10M
ma.svg 59 Morocco Middle East & Africa 36M 24M
ve.svg 60 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Latin America 32M 22M
mm.svg 61 Myanmar Rest APAC 54M 16M
om.svg 62 Oman Middle East & Africa 5M 4M
ec.svg 63 Ecuador Latin America 17M 10M
az.svg 64 Azerbaijan Middle East & Africa 10M 8M
by.svg 65 Belarus Eastern Europe 9M 7M
rs.svg 66 Serbia Eastern Europe 9M 6M
sk.svg 67 Slovakia Eastern Europe 5M 5M
nz.svg 68 New Zealand Oceania 5M 4M
do.svg 69 Dominican Republic Latin America 11M 7M
bg.svg 70 Bulgaria Eastern Europe 7M 5M
lb.svg 71 Lebanon Middle East & Africa 6M 5M
hr.svg 72 Croatia Eastern Europe 4M 3M
mo.svg 73 Macao, China Rest APAC 1M 1M
pr.svg 74 Puerto Rico Latin America 4M 3M
lt.svg 75 Lithuania Eastern Europe 3M 2M
cu.svg 76 Cuba Latin America 11M 5M
lu.svg 77 Luxembourg Western Europe 1M 1M
jo.svg 78 Jordan Middle East & Africa 10M 7M
gt.svg 79 Guatemala Latin America 17M 7M
uz.svg 80 Uzbekistan Middle East & Africa 32M 17M
bh.svg 81 Bahrain Middle East & Africa 2M 2M
py.svg 82 Paraguay Latin America 7M 4M
cr.svg 83 Costa Rica Latin America 5M 4M
pa.svg 84 Panama Latin America 4M 3M
si.svg 85 Slovenia Eastern Europe 2M 2M
bo.svg 86 Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Latin America 11M 5M
uy.svg 87 Uruguay Latin America 3M 3M
lk.svg 88 Sri Lanka Rest APAC 21M 8M
ke.svg 89 Kenya Middle East & Africa 51M 16M
lv.svg 90 Latvia Eastern Europe 2M 2M
gh.svg 91 Ghana Middle East & Africa 29M 12M
kh.svg 92 Cambodia Rest APAC 16M 6M
et.svg 93 Ethiopia Middle East & Africa 108M 21M
ba.svg 94 Bosnia and Herzegovina Eastern Europe 4M 2M
al.svg 95 Albania Eastern Europe 3M 2M
ee.svg 96 Estonia Eastern Europe 1M 1M
bn.svg 97 Brunei Darussalam Rest APAC 0M 0M
md.svg 98 Republic of Moldova Eastern Europe 4M 3M
mk.svg 99 TFYR Macedonia Eastern Europe 2M 2M
ge.svg 100 Georgia Middle East & Africa 4M 3M