Airline Worldwide Rankings 2018

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AirHelp Score compares each airline with three different criteria to inform you how they perform against their competition. We provide statistics on the quality of amenities, on-time arrivals, and how well they resolve flight delay compensation claims.

Library filer of low-cost airline planes – Go, Ryanair, Buzz and easyJet – at Stansted Airport, January 31, 2003. Discount airline easyJet today saw shares tumble, Tuesday February 25, 2003, after revealing it had cut fares to encourage passengers on to its planes amid tougher economic conditions and increased competition. The group, which bought rival Go last May, said for the four months to January 31 its average fare was around 6% lower than the fare generated by the two airlines during the same period in 2001. See PA Story CITY EasyJet. PA Photo: Gareth Fuller