The most resilient business environments outside the European Union

The potential commercial opportunities for United Kingdom businesses following the UK’s planned departure from the European Union (EU) can be found within the 2018 FM Global Resilience Index , released today.
The annual index, now in its fifth year, ranks 130 countries and territories based on the resilience of their business environments.
Countries within the European Union continue the trend of ranking highly, with Sweden (ranked 3), Germany (ranked 5), Austria (ranked 6), Denmark (ranked 7), and France (ranked 12), all featuring in the top 20 when measuring the resilience of their business environments.

Top 20 Most Resilient Countries Outside the EU

Switzerland (1)  Singapore (28)
Norway (4) United Arab Emirates (33)
United States (9,10,15) Israel (34)
Canada (13) Botswana (38)
Australia (17) Malaysia (40)
Hong Kong (19) Taiwan (41)
Qatar (20) South Africa (42)
New Zealand (23) South Korea (44)
Japan (24) Chile (45)
Iceland (25) Uruguay (46)